Pre-assembled DIY LED kits.

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Under Cabinet Lighting

Light up your countertops in any color or pattern you want.


TV Backlighting

LED kits are great for TV backlighting. 


Gaming PCs or Server Racks

Light up the inside of your PC or your server rack to add some flash!


Custom LED Kits

Add LEDs to your TikTok and Snapchat videos.


Wow. It was so easy to install these in my kitchen cabinets. They have so many different colors and effects that I can control with my phone. It looks great at night!

Pam H.

Bought 2 kits for my bedroom and it looks crazy! Synced them together so they use the same pattern. Might try more to make some Halloween decorations this year.

Randy J.

Installed my 1st kit as backlighting for my 75" TV. It's awesome for movie night.

Dan N.